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Personal Injury

Personal injury cases can exist in many forms. A personal injury is defined as an injury to an individual’s mind, body, or emotions. Personal injury cases are also known as tort cases because they involve collecting compensation for any lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses, etc. as a result of an injury. Personal injuries are usually unforeseen, and it is important to have proper legal representation during a personal injury claim to ensure that you receive the amount of compensation that you deserve! 

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being injured in a Louisiana vehicle wreck is a terrifying experience that can leave you with multiple injuries and medical bills. If there are complications or the other driver refuses to take responsibility, you could be left out in the cold when your medical bills start coming in the mail. Don’t sign anything; contact a Baton Rouge Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney as soon as possible.

Product Liability

When designing a product, manufacturers have a duty to ensure that they factor in all the dangers that are likely to arise from using a specified product. Should the manufacturer fail to address or note any dangers, they could face legal damage charges by the courts. Under the Louisiana Product Liability ACT (LPLA) a product manufacturer can be held liable only if the product that causes the injury is unreasonably dangerous. Product liability claims can include the manufacturer of a defective product, the wholesaler or distributor of the product, and can also include the retailer of the product.

Premises Liability

Premises liability law refers to a set of laws that hold an owner or possessor of land or premises responsible for injuries suffered by persons who are present on the premises. This means that the landowner is liable for certain torts that take place on the property. Whether you slip and fall and hurt your back or you trip over a board sticking out of a deck, premises liability can occur anywhere. It is the landowner's responsibility to make sure that his property is up to code and that no safety violations exist on the premises. Should the owner fail to do so, guests on the premises could get hurt and become overwhelmed with medical costs and even lost wages as result of their injury.

Wrongful Death

Not a single word is adequate enough to describe the loss of a loved one. If you have lost a member of your family or a loved one in an accident that was caused by someone else's negligence, you deserve justice, closure, and accountability from the responsible party. 

Though no amount of money can replace a loved one, a wrongful death lawsuit can help you pay for outstanding medical bills or expenses that could burden your family during an already difficult time. We can help your family overcome financial loss caused by the death of the breadwinner of the family.