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Mistakes to Avoid Making After a Baton Rouge Auto Accident

http://www.tomenylawfirm.com The immediate moments following a Baton Rouge auto accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident are hectic and seem to fly by. You find yourself exchanging information with the other driver, answering questions from the police and the insurance company, and dealing with everything you can; however, you may have made a huge mistake in the process.

People involved in accidents often make critical mistakes that affect their case values. In order to avoid making these mistakes, you need to know what to do and not do after a Louisiana motor vehicle accident. First, it is important to tell the police officer what happened from your vantage point. Make sure you give the officer a full statement of what happened, so it is put into the record. Next, it is critical that you see a doctor, as it is very important to your health and to your potential personal injury claim. Additionally, insurance adjusters will be calling to take a statement from you. The biggest mistake people make is talking with an insurance adjuster before they know the extent of their injuries. Do not speak with an insurance adjuster or give a recorded statement until you have spoken with a knowledgeable Baton Rouge accident attorney.

At the Tomeny Law Firm, our experienced Louisiana injury attorneys will guide you through the process and help you avoid making critical mistakes. For help with your case, call 888.483.8842 for a free consultation or contact us online http://www.tomenylawfirm.com/contact.cfm.