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Premises Liability

If you have ever been injured on another’s property, you probably have questions about your rights.  Premises liability can involve a personal injury that occurs as a result of a defect or a hazardous condition on the premises of another person or business. Whether it’s a defective staircase, broken concrete, slippery floor, or a trip hazard, premises that have not been maintained or properly attended to may pose serious risks to invited guests who have no knowledge of the defect.

Injuries from premises defects can range from a broken wrist or even result in long term devastating brain injuries.  Quadripelegia and paraplegia can also result from back and neck injuries that occurred from premises defects. Regardless, premises liabilities can occur anywhere at any time.

Most buildings and premises are to be built and structured in accordance with building and safety codes set by the government. To save money, building owners sometimes fail to comply to these standards and use “loopholes” to mislead the system.  This can pose serious risks and safety hazards for guests who are on the premises.  When codes are updated to address safety concerns, premises owners sometimes tend to fail to bring the properties up to standard. If landowners do not bring in proper architects, engineers, and safety personnel to examine the premises, the possibility of dangerous safety violations is very high.

Premises liability cases can occur anywhere. Whether you’re in a restaurant and you slip and fall or if a faulty handrail causes you to fall and hurt your back, you deserve compensation if you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence to safeguard their premises.

You may be entitled to receive compensation for lost wages (and future wages), medical costs, rehab costs, pain and suffering, and much more! We are just a phone call away! Call us at (888)-483-8842 for a free consultation.