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What Victims of Louisiana Dog Bites Need to Know

http://www.tomenylawfirm.com Although there are many people in this world that believe in the saying that a dog is man’s best friend, some dogs such as pit bulls have been known to attack humans. While no pet owner would ever assume their dog could bite someone, animals are unpredictable. This is why there is a leash law in Louisiana—to protect people.

When dog owners allow their pets to roam freely or on too long of a leash, they are in violation of the Louisiana leash law. Unfortunately, innocent people are frequently harmed by someone else’s pet dog. For this reason, Louisiana law specifies that dogs are supposed to be kept on a leash of no longer than six feet when outside of an owner’s yard. If you suffered a dog bite in Baton Rouge, the dog’s owner could be liable for your damages.

After a dog bite in Louisiana, you should contact a skilled Baton Rouge premises liability lawyer. Call the Tomeny Law Firm to learn about your rights in a free consultation at 888.483.8842 or reach us online at http://www.tomenylawfirm.com/contact.cfm.